Volunteer’s Story – Chloe Bebe

June 7, 2024
Volunteer’s Story – Chloe Bebe

🌟 Volunteer’s Story – Chloe Bebe 🌟


Volunteers’ Week will be celebrated across the United Kingdom this week (3rd to 9th June). The week is dedicated to showing appreciation for volunteers who have dedicated time to supporting their communities with participating organisations recognising and celebrating their hard work. This year is the 40th anniversary of the Volunteers’ Week campaign!

The Circle is lucky to have 16 volunteers who support us with hard work and a positive attitude. We would also like to thank our past volunteers who have moved on to new adventures, and our volunteers from local businesses who came as groups throughout the year to help improve our hubs.

One of our volunteers, Chloe Bebe, has had an especially interesting time this year! They originally came to The Circle in Dundee in June 2023 as part of a week-long work experience placement arranged by their high school.

During this time, they had the opportunity to meet team members in Dundee and Glasgow and get to know The Circle’s work. Before returning to school full-time, they applied to become a volunteer to participate in events and sessions around their school commitments.

Chloe has stayed actively involved with The Circle, using their time here to influence their school projects which has been useful especially for their business class! They have enthusiastically participated in weekend events like Doors Open Day and local litter picks, and they have returned to recurring weekly volunteering during their holidays from high school.

Chloe is currently our youngest volunteer and is working towards their 50-hour Saltire Award (known as The Ascent) through The Circle while continuing their studies into their fifth year of high school, and their passion for musical theatre.


We asked Chloe about their time volunteering at The Circle:


Why did you want to volunteer?

“I first started volunteering during my work experience last year and then absolutely fell in love with the environment and all the people; it was a dream working environment for me. I wanted to properly start volunteering again when I went off on study leave, as pretty much all my exams were concentrated into the first week, so I would have a lot of free time over the next five weeks and then summer holidays I wanted to spend productively.”


Why did you choose to volunteer at The Circle?

“I was struggling to find a place to take me on for work experience (because COVID was still quite fresh in people’s minds and/or they had bad experiences with volunteers in the past, so most places weren’t taking people on) when my mum’s friend recommended The Circle. I thought their ideas and practices were cool and thought I would reach out to the Volunteer Coordinator, Charli, and see what happened. On work experience, I did a variety of activities from working on reception to doing a small litter pick. A couple of months later, I returned to The Circle to help with a couple of open days and a litter pick around the park.”


What do you enjoy the most about volunteering at The Circle?

“I think the people are the best part about volunteering at The Circle. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming; I’ve not had any bad experiences with anyone. Even when it’s completely silent (which is quite rare), it’s a comfortable silence that doesn’t feel awkward or intimidating at all. I also enjoy the work I get to do, as I find it fun and relaxing.”


What does an average day look like while volunteering at The Circle?

“I get in at about 10:00 am, sit at a desk, and start my first task for the day (I have been helping research potential activities or events The Circle could participate in, and making posters and leaflets). I have lunch between 12:00-12:45 with the rest of the staff and volunteers. I continue my tasks in the afternoon and then go home at about 15:00. Then I study when I get home for a couple of hours before relaxing until I go to sleep.”


If you could give one piece of advice to someone thinking of volunteering at The Circle, what would it be?

“Absolutely go for it! Do not hesitate. I feel like this is an environment that has something for everyone. I think anyone could comfortably fit in here while doing something they enjoy.”


What did you gain from volunteering at The Circle?

I gained a lot of formal work experience from volunteering with The Circle. For example, I am learning how to write up risk assessments and organise events and use programs like Canva that I wouldn’t have experience with otherwise. I also am gaining social skills, through communicating with tenants of the building and other volunteers.”


What do you hope to do in the future?

“I hope to go to drama school before moving down to London to try and work on the West End, in plays and musicals, but The Circle will always be an important part of my life, as it is the first proper work I’ve ever had.”


Thank you for your voluntary work this year Chloe, and congratulations on being with The Circle for a year!



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If you are interested in joining our volunteer team, get in touch today:  [email protected]