Ukrainians Together

November 3, 2022
Ukrainians Together

Ukrainians together

Hanna and Vitalii fled Ukraine when the war erupted this year. They are both qualified lawyers and mediators with experience in running training courses.  

Since arriving in Dundee in July, they have been living in the Queens Hotel. Because of the trauma from the war, and cultural and language barriers, can lead to frustration, stress and sometimes aggression. They have noticed a high tension among Ukrainian families residing in the hotel and between the Ukrainian and Scottish people. According to Hanna and Vitalii, the Ukrainian refugees lack the soft skills to deal with their emotions and conflicts positively, peacefully and calmly.

Emotional Intelligence Workshops

By organising workshops, Hanna and Vitalii aim to help Ukrainian refugees to increase their emotional intelligence and better integrate into the local community.  

Hanna and Vitalii reached out to The Circle Consultancy in September. They were looking for support to find funding options to run their project. The team was very impressed with their proposal and offered them an opportunity to present at The Circle’s first in-person Networking event in Dundee.  

Hanna and Vitalii presenting Ukrainians Razam

After their presentation, Hanna and Vitalii received great feedback from attendees. Unltd and Dundee Volunteer & Voluntary Action (DVVA) asked them to apply for funding.

The Circle Consultancy is currently supporting them with their funding applications. We are also looking to partner with them to support our volunteering programme, The Hidden Talents project. It aims to support local refugees by offering them skills and confidence to help them secure employment and become financially independent.