Case Study ā€“ Kathryn Rattray

Kathryn Rattray is a freelance photographer based in Dundee. Kathryn has worked with The Circle for a number of years including photographing some of our events and running classes at our facility. She works predominantly in the arts; her passion lies in fashion and documentary photography.

Kathryn’s work has been exhibited through a number of projects in Dundee and beyond. In 2018 Kathryn exhibited her work in Zurich and Miami, choosing to present her ideas on fast fashion, emancipation and deception.

Kathryn was a candidate on the second cohort of The Circle Academy. She joined the programme to learn more about the entrepreneurial mindset and how she could create more social impact. Since completing the Academy Kathryn has opened up a gallery in Dundee city centre and has showcased work from local artists and designers in a number of exhibitions. Through the gallery, she is now supporting established and emerging artists by providing a safe and affordable gallery and pop up shop.

""After a turbulent few yearsā€™ grieving the loss of a dear friend, I had lost my way. I had really forgotten who I was, The Circle Academy snapped me right out of this and quickly put me right back on track. I started to remember who I am and the skills and talents that I have been blessed with. "
Kathryn Rattray

"The Academy taught me many valuable lessons, the best lesson for me was to value yourself every day. I felt like I was given a new lease of life. 4 years ago, I opened my studio space, Studio 11, and during 2019 I closed it due to stress and an overwhelming sadness. Fast forward to 2020 and I've re-opened the studio as Kathryn Rattray Gallery. I am now taking the bold step to write my business plan for the gallery and for the first time since it opened 4 years ago. I can put my hand on my heart and know it will be a success. Iā€™m not scared anymore, and I owe this change in my business mind to The Circle Academy. THANK YOU.ā€"
Kathryn Rattray